Bathtub caulking: What types of caulk should you use?

In order to do the job correctly, you need to use a specific kind of caulk. The worst thing than can happen is that you’ll need to reapply it. Also you can cause water damage to the bath and to the walls if you use the wrong type.

Silicone caulk

This type of caulk has been used for almost any surfaces. It’s extremely durable and it can be applied to any surface. A downside is that it can be very difficult to handle and also very hard to clean after. Always wear latex gloves when handling it. It only comes in one color, and this makes it difficult to find the right paint to match with your bathroom.

Bathtub caulk

You can find it in any store. It stands up to mold and mildew and you can apply it to tubs, sinks and toilets. It safer to use than the silicone caulk. The downside is that it isn’t as durable as the silicone one, but if it’s applied properly and cleaned regularly, it should last for a long time. It comes in many colors, so it’s easier for you to find a color that can match with your bathroom.

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