Fixing leaky tub drain

It’s very important to fix leaky tub drains. They can be a hazard to your bathroom floor and for the ceiling of the room bellow the bathroom. You can always call a plumber, but this is an easy job that you can do it by yourself.
First of all you’ll need to see what’s the problem. Do not try to do an easy fix. It’s important to replace the components that are damaged.

Tools and Materials

  • flashlight
  • paper towels or tissues
  • a helper is useful
  • new pipes as needed
  • new washers as needed
  • mastic putty as needed
  • new compression joints as needed
  • new fixture as needed

Finding the leak

You can find the leaking spot by filling the tub with a small amount of water and then place some newspapers under the tub. Use a flash light to help you spot the leaks.


  • One of the most common causes for tub leaking is a damaged seal. If this is the case, use a mastic putty to reseal the joint. Replace the fitting from the base of the bathtub as well.
  • Replace the pipes if they are broken. Sometimes pipes made from plastic crack and leak. To replace it, just cut the broken piece and install another one.
  • Leaking joint. First of all, tighten the joint and see if there is still a leak. Fill the bathtub with some water and let it then drain. Before starting the test, dry up the joint. Sometimes it’s necessary to replace the joint.
  • Fixing the waste fitting. If this is the problem to the leaks, than it;s necessary to unmount all the pipes under the bathtub. It’s best to replace the unit than try to repair it. Consider replacing the pipes too.
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