Reasons why your sink drains slow

If you see that your sink is draining too slow, then surely the drainage is clogged. There are many reasons why this can happen, but for many of them you won’t need professional assistance. Although you can handle these problems all by yourself, you need to be very serious about them.
A clogged sink can cause serious damage to the pipes over time and why not to the bathroom.

Hair clogs

Hair is one of the most common problems for drainage clogging. Hairs are very hard to break and it surely does not dissolve. If it accumulates in a larger quantity it can also catch different debris and then make a nasty clog in your sinks’ drain.

You can clean hair clogs with classic drain cleaner, or by using a plunger or drain snake. But the best way is to prevent them. If you see that you have these kind of problems, than it’s time to buy a hair trapper. Be sure to empty it regularly.

Grease clogs

Although you may think that grease cannot accumulate on the pipes because it’s liquid, well it can. There are many substances that can help the grease solidify and then clog the drainage. Also it can get caught in other clogs. One of the most common solutions for this problem is hot water. If you think that grease is your problem, then just pour some hot water in the drain. Also, when you pour grease in the drain, be sure to use some hot water too.

Mineral buildup

If you have hard water, than this is your problem. You can remove these mineral buildups with drain cleaner or with a drain snake. The best solution though is to deal with the hard water problem.

Soap scum

Soap scum is almost exactly like grease. Although it’s liquid, it can easily solidify and clog your drain. There are few preventive solutions because it’s practically impossible not to use soap, but you can remove it with drain cleaner.

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