Remove a clog from the drain effectively

A clogged drain can be a problem, but this doesn’t mean that you will need a drain cleaning service.

Here are some tips for removing clogs:

  • if you want to rent your home to someone else, before trying to unclog the drain by yourself, call your landlord. Sometimes these expenses are covered and you also want to avoid any damage to the plumbing that you will be held responsible for.
  • sometimes a plunger solves the problem. Press it up and down firmly in the sink. You should add some water to make the process more effective.
  • you can buy clog-cleaning chemicals. They can remove most of the clogs and they are very cheap. All you need to do is verify if the chemicals will affect the plumbing.
  • for clogs that are closer to the surface you can use pipe cleaners or a plumbing snake.’

Drain cleaning service

If you are unsuccessful on removing the clog, then it’s best to call a drain cleaning service. This way you will avoid any damage to the pipes from repeated attempts to remove the clog. Pick a service that is insured and licensed.

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