Shower door seal repair

Shower door seals help keep he water in the bathtub area. They can get damaged over time because of daily use and of the mold that can accumulate. Because of a damaged seal, the water can deteriorate, through time, the tiles.
Always replace a shower door seal.

Tools and materials needed:

  • Glass door seal
  • Glass cleaner
  • Knife

Step1. Measurements

Measure the door to get a perfect match on the seal. The space between the door and the bathtub should be sealed. The seal shouldn’t be too thin but not to thick because it will prevent the door from closing or opening.

Step2. Removing the old seal

Usually it can come off by pulling it. If not, then use a knife to cut it.

Step3. Cleaning the glass screen

Clean the glass screen with special cleaners or you can try and clean it with a solution of water and vinegar. Be sure that you remove all grime and lime scale.

Step4. Cutting the new door seal

Cut the new seal to the length and the thickness of the door. Always cut in excess to make sure that all side are fully covered. You can then remove the excess by cutting it.

Step5. Snap the seal

Snap the seal to the edges of the shower door. It’s best to start at one end and then cover the sides. Cut off the excess if necessary. Test the seal.

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