Shower leaks

A shower leak not only that is causes a waste of water but it can also cause serious damage to your bathroom. This means that you will need to so some investigations. It can be really difficult to see the source of the leak because the pipes are most of the times covered with tiles.

One of the most common causes for shower leaking is a defection on the shower head. Usually, replacing this may solve the problem.

Drain and tub issues

If you see that there are some water marks on the ceiling in the room below your bathroom, than you may have a piping problem. First of all let the bathtub dry, then pour some water directly into the drain to see if there is a piping problem, and then put water into the bathtub to see if the seal on the drain is the problem.

Leaking sounds behind the wall

Use some listening devices, like a stethoscope, to hear behind the shower wall. Listen carefully. If there is no sound, let the water in the shower run for a minute and then turn it off. Listen again. You should be able to hear if there is a pipe leaking.

Taking the wall apart

In the worst case, you may need to take the wall apart. If you are sure that there is a leak behind the shower wall, then use a sledgehammer to remove the tiles on the wall. Use a flashlight to see the leaks. If you also feel that the wall is wet than it’s surely a pipes problem.

Repairing the leak

The best solution is to replace the damaged pipe or valve. Contact a qualified plumber if you think you can’t do it by yourself.

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