Shower valve parts

When you find out that you have problems with your shower valve, it’s best to know at least the parts. The thing is that every shower differs from another and this can be tricky.

Shower choices

Knowing that there are so many types of shower valves, it’s almost impossible for a person to know what to buy and install in their bathroom.

But only identifying the parts of the shower valve can save you a lot of money and time, and plus, it can help you repair it if damaged.

Shower head

The basic part of any shower valve is the well known shower head. This sprays the water out. Although you can find many different models of shower heads, they usually fit in a standard shower arm.

Shower arm

The shower arm is the pipe that links the shower head to the plumbing in the wall. Usually they come in a standard size so you can replace it because it’s damaged or because you want to change it with a chrome one.

Valve Backing or Cover Plate and Trim Cover

They mostly have a decorative purpose. They hide the plumbing in the walls. Although it’s function is very simple, it can be a very important component if you want to make your shower special.


There are 3 types of shower valves:

The first type is the single function, pressure balanced valves that only have a single control, for temperature. These types of valves are very popular in hotels because they maintain a nice balance between the hot and cold water.

The second had dual function: one control regulates the temperature, and the other the volume of water.

Dual function, thermostatic valves allow the user to set the volume of water while keeping the temperature constant. The temperature can be easily adjusted too.

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