Thermostatic shower repair

Thermostatic showers are a great inventions that can make you a little more comfortable while taking a bath. The principle of the thermostatic shower is simple: a temperature is set to the nearest degree and the valve compensates for any changes in hot or cold by limiting the flow of water to either side. The system is wonderful for temperature changes, but not for pressure changes.

Failure to regulate temperature

If you see that your thermostatic valves fail to regulate water, then you should look for dirt in the check valves. This can prevent the valves from opening. Another problem can be that the water pipes are installed backwards. This can affect the system because the thermostatic valves have a cold and a hot side.

Failure of Hot and Cold Water to Mix

The first thing you need to do is check the water pressure at the inlets. The proper mixing cannot take place if there is any obstruction, loose fitting, or damaged line. If the shower head is partially blocked, then this can be another problem. To solve the problem, take it off and clean it from debris.

Water is Either Too Hot or Too Cold

Again, this can be a problem with dirt in the valves. Another issue can be the calibration. Most of the times, the system comes with some calibration instructions. All you need to do is remove the face of the handle and there will be an adjustment screw in which you can couple with a thermometer and adjust the setting.

Low water pressure

This can be a cause of the debris in the valve or even a blocked shower head. Also it can be a problem with the debris in the cartridge or a water pressure problem elsewhere. The cartridge has screens that filter the debris in the water and can get clogged. To remove the cartridge take of the cover plate, the handle and accompanying o-ring, and then use a wrench to unscrew the cartridge.

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