Ways of changing a kitchen plumbing stub

What are plumbing stubs? Those straight areas of supply pipes that hang out of the bottom of your kitchen sink are called plumbing stubs and help connecting the valves linked to braided supply lines that sustain the faucet. You have the possibility to change the bad parts of a worn or a broke stub, attach new valves or make any other adjustments.

How you can do this?

  • While you are working, close the water by turning the main water valve 90 degrees clockwise.
  • Identify the broken stub under the sink.
  • Place a sign just behind the defective section.
  • With a hacksaw or a pipe cutting tool remove the pipe.
  • A push-to-fit compression coupler can help you deal with a too short stub. If you want to place a new valve or make other adjustments, just locate the coupler over the exposed end of the pipe and press it down till it fits the place.
  • For a better access enlarge the stub by small section of pipe at the same diameter and type of the stub pipes. You decide the length, but, normally,  6 inches are enough for any procedure.
  • Clinch that new part into the coupler till you feel that is firm and start making your adjustments.
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