How a pool adds value to a house

A house has many features and every one of them affect the final price. A pool is always a nice feature and usually adds quite a value to the house. In some states, the value can be up to 15% of the house value.

Here’s how a study in the United States shows the value added:

  • In the Northeast, a pool adds 4% to 6% to a home’s value.
  • In the Southeast, the value added ranges from 5% to 10%.
  • The Midwest is similar to the Northeast, with the average effect on value being about 6%.
  • A pool seems to weigh in the most in the Southwest, where studies show the effect on a home’s value to be between 8% and 13%.
  • A pool also is important in the West, but the effect on value is less consistent than in other areas. In the West, the average effect on value ranges from 5% to 13%.

A swimming pool never has a negative effect on the buyer.

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