Installing a gas pool heater

If you want to use the swimming pool in the cold months of winter, than it’s better to install a gas pool heater. How does it work? Well as water passes through the filter the heater warms it and then sends it back to the pool.

Some of the tools and equipment that you’ll need are:

  • PVC pipe
  • Measuring tape
  • Plumbing compound
  • Hacksaw
  • Soapy water
  • Spray bottle

First of all you’ll need to buy the heater.

It has to be big enough for your pool.

Gas heater need quite big spaces to operate in. This is because of safety reasons. You should install it at about 4-5 feet from the filter. The space needed depends on how big is the filter.

Turn the filter off before the installation. Begin plumbing the heater by measuring the distance from the return valve of the filter to the inlet valve of the heater. Cut and attach the PVC pipe there. Thus the water can be channeled into the heater.

Cut and measure another piece of PVC pipe and run it from the outlet valve of the heater to the water inlet of the swimming pool. This pipe will redirect the warm water into the pool. Tightly secure all the pipes and joints using a plumbing compound.

Before you hook up the gas line, you should get an approval from the authorities. Some systems may need a professional.Install a shut-off valve at the end of your gas pipe and run a flex gas line from thereto the heater inlet.

Connect a 120-volt line to your heater through an outlet. Install a covering over it to protect it from the weather and plug the heater in.

Now you should test the system. First of all turn the filter back on. Then the heater on and set the temperature from the thermostat. Check if the heater has a blue flame.

Keep the power off to prevent any accidents.

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