Installing a pool alarm

Pool alarms are great if you have small children. These systems have sensors that tells you when the water has been disturbed and when the pool gate has been opened. This is very useful, as drowning is the second leading cause of death for small children.
A good pool alarm doesn’t cost more than $100.

Step1. First determine what kind of alarm works for your pool.

First of all you need to do some research on specialized web sites and see what model fits your swimming pool. See if it’s better for you to get a wave sensor or a surface alarm. The size and shape of your swimming pool can also influence the alarm model.

Step2. Follow the guidelines

The ASTM has set voluntary guidelines for all pool alarms. Manufacturers do not have to abide by them, but you should purchase an alarm made by a company that does. Some of the guidelines include having a remote receiver than can sound the alarm in the house and outside too. The alarm should sound within 20 seconds when an 18 pounds object or heavier is dropped into the swimming pool. Also the sound should be at about 85 decibels.

Step3. Read the instructions

The method the installation is made is different from one type of alarm to another. Read the instruction very careful. You may need to remove the alarm from the pool when you’re swimming, or maybe you can just switch it off.

Step4. Test the alarm and maintaining the battery

After the installation, be sure to test the alarm. This should be done regularly to be sure it does work, and also check the battery.

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