Tips about building a deck around your above ground pool

Would you like to make your backyard more appealing by adding something new to your above ground pool? Make your own deck around it. This will also save you of the soil that used to enter  the pool and is not so difficult as it seemed since you can keep the same height  as the pool and you already have the sketch of the deck by following the pattern of the pool.

Here are some steps you have to follow:

  1. First decide where the stairs connect to the ground and start from here.
    If you want to finish sooner, you can find in shops pre-made stringers for the stairs and at the stature that you need.
  2. Use pressure-treated lumber for the beneath frame of the deck, which will be set a little bit lower than the pool because of the density of the boards. The additional one you can put it afterwards.
  3. Like principal backers all around the pool put 4-by-4 inch posts sunk in concrete for more than 2 feet deep and 2-by-4 inch posts in a “X” connected by lad screws and bolts. For the joists use  2-by-6 inch boards to unite the deck.
  4. In the area of the deck join uprights of 2-by-2 or 2-by-4 inch posts for the main deck area and the railing of the stairs.
  5. On the stairs runners and on the front of the risers join the deck boards by using stainless steel or coated screws that can penetrate the board and end into the stair. Adapt the decking at the outline of the pool.
  6. Put the rail pickets at less than 3 inches apart and on the hand rails attach a top post. If you want to close the base of the deck, you can find pre-made fence panels at the same shape, size and height.
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