Ways to straighten the ground for an above ground pool

If you intend to build a new above ground pool, you must begin by straightening the ground.  If you have one that it’s not lined up or has a change of shape, then it is better to break it down and build a new one. Any asymmetry can lead to breakdown under the force of the water that is not equally distributed on the walls, that’s way a round shape is the most used.

  1. Place your pool near your house, where you can always guarantee for the safety of the assembly and of the one’s that use it. Built it on flat ground, without any trees or power lines above or buried pipes, cables, roots. The sun is an important factor, so pick a place where is brighter  and where you can access more easily electricity.
  2. Straighten the ground by using a transit or create your own tool from a 2 inch thick and 4 inch wide board with a length that is half of the breadth of the pool. Make a ¾ inch deep hole at the base of the board close to the end
  3. Measure the center of the pool area and take away the grass in a 3-foot zone.  Put a wooden stake into the ground at the center and hammer a nail on top of it where you will locate the hole of the board.
  4. Start moving the board on all sides by putting pressure on it and make sure that the board is close to the ground. Carry away all sod and soil formed with a shovel so that the board can do the job.
  5. The ground must be flat, without any rocks, stakes or roots. If not, the weight of the water can lead to imbalance. You can use the board to straighten any area of your backyard.
  6. Use substances to exterminate the grass and the weed and lay over the pool black plastic that will function like a weed blocker.
  7. Cover the ground with masonry sand, water it and firmly pack it down till the sand becomes steady and at an equal height of 4 inches.
  8. For the support posts place the exact number of patio blocks and at the same distance as specified in your pool instructions. When you finish check again if the ground is straighten .
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