About roof cupolas

If you do not know what a roof cupola is, then this article is just what you’ve been searching for. Cupolas have been part of house construction for centuries. Nowadays many commercial or residential constructions use this cupola roof.

Cupola shape

Usually cupolas are small in size, have dome-like features and are mounted on roofs. In the past they were used as lookout spaces. They were also great for illumination and fresh air.


The word cupola originates from the Latin word “cupula” and from the Greek word “kypellon”. The both mean “small cup”, or something that looks like an upside down cup.


There are times when cupolas are build as freestanding structures. They can also serve as a belfry – churches, cathedrals, mosques, usually religious constructions. This is where the bells are situated. They can also be mounted atop a tower, turret or spire, usually in Indian architecture. Kiev, Russia, has the most cupolas in the world, being named “City of Golden Cupolas”.

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