About standing seam roofs

Standing seam roofs are made from metal and have small seams that are fixed above a flat surface. They are usually build on industrial buildings, without looking out of place. The offer many advantages and that’s why they have become more and more popular.

Advantages of standing seam roofs

Standing seam roofs are very durable, lasting up to 50 years. They are great for any kind of climate. It is very light weight, making it perfect for any kind of roof structure. They are also very cheap on the long term. They have higher prices then asphalt roofs, but they will last 3 times as much. So you will definitely less on the standing seam roof. You will also save money on energy, as this roof is very energy efficient.

Disadvantages of standing seam roofs

Standing seam roofs are know to have difficulties in ventilation. The ventilation system needs to be installed by a professional to assure that it works properly. Also the ventilation can have a big impact on energy efficiency. Tension irregularities are also another problem. This means that there are parts of the roof that are more tensioned than others. This can create wrinkles in the metal. But the good part is that these problems can be solved by professionals.


As we said before, the initial costs may be quite high, but on the long term, it’s worth the money. A standing seam roof can last up to 50 years, so you will have no problem replacing it. Costs are determined by the angle of the pitch, by dormer installation, dimensions of the roof, etc.

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