About tile roof styles

Tile roofing is a great way to provide long lasting protection for your house. Tile roofs are also great as saving energy. They provide great insulation for your home.

Concrete tiling

Concrete roof tiles are very durable and it’s also fireproof, waterproof and weather resistant. Concrete tiles can last for 100 years. Also, they come in many shapes and sizes, colors and designs.

Clay tiles

Clay tiles are also very durable and have the same properties as concrete tiles. They also come in may shapes and sizes and the design range is vast. The most popular are the Spanish tiles, colored in red. Clay tiles are very inexpensive making them very popular. The bad thing about clay tiles is that they are very heavy and you will need to make an inspection before installing them.

Metal tiles

Metal roofing is great in climates with heavy snows and rains. Aluminum roofing is the best of them. It comes with a lifetime warranty. Aluminum won’t rust and will resist water and bad weather. Cooper roofing is especially good if you have fungi problems in your home. The chemicals in copper are poisonous to the fungi and they cannot grow.

Solar tiles

Solar tiles are very expensive but they will cut the costs for energy considerably. On the long therm they may be even less expensive then clay tiles. Solar tiles can last for up to 25 years. You will recuperate the money invested in a few years and even after you will save money on energy. You won’t save any money from concrete tiles. Nowadays they even come in different designs. In the past they could have only be installed on top of other tiles.

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