Aluminium roof paint

Aluminum roofs have become the most popular choice for home owners. Aluminum is more expensive then steel, but it doesn’t rust and has a longer life. Because it is very light, you won’t need any special structure and it is also very durable.

Aluminum can be painted, if you want to.

Base and primer

You should only buy special aluminum paints, meaning that it also needs to be oil-based. You can also use some acrylic primers and paints, but they need to be good for aluminum use. Cleaning the surfaces is very important.


You can choose a prefab color or just buy a customized one. This should match the rest of your house.


One of the best things you can add to your roof is a “cool” coating. This will increase the reflective properties of the roof and will reduce the heat transfer from the outside to the inside. You can also buy heat barrier paints.

To make the roof look more traditional, you can paint the roof with paint that has sand granules. Also a paint resistant to mold and mildew is very important. Choose wisely the best paint for your roof.

New roof

If you want to buy a new roof, and not paint an old one, you should consider one that has already been treated. This will spear you from having to repaint the entire roof.

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