Asphalt vs corrugated roofing

Whenever you have to choose an important thing like the material for your roof, you should consider the advantages and disadvantages of each of the them. Consider climate region, visual appearance, durability, etc.

Corrugated roofs

Corrugated roofs are made from metal or hard plastic material.

It depends on the application. They are manufactured in sheets of a standard size. Corrugated sheets are ideal for tropical climates as they ca withstand high temperatures. They are also very durable and can last up to 30-40 years. They are easier to install then asphalt shingles as the sheets occupy a larger area and they can be fixed only with nails.

Asphalt roofs

An advantage of the asphalt roofs is that they come in a wider variety of designs and colors than the corrugated roofs. They come in many styles, like architectural and three-tab shingles. Architectural shingles will give your roof a three dimensional look and three-tab shingles a more traditional look. They can also last up to 30 years.

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