Box framing roof eaves

If you are going to box frame your eaves, then not only that you will improve the way your home looks, but also you will prevent any sparks from setting your roof on fire. This is a used technique in areas where wildfires commonly occur. You will also be able to paint your house exterior much easier.

Here are the tools and materials that you will need:

  • F channels
  • J channels
  • Nailing strips
  • Undersill trim
  • Soffit board
  • Inside and outside corner posts
  • 8 penny nails
  • Fascia cap
  • 3/4 inch wood screws

Preparing the eaves

Secure the F channel or the J channel using 3/4 inch screws, to the sides of the eaves, so that the soffit panel can slide into. Do this all around the house, beneath the eaves. These F channels are F-shaped fasteners through which the soffits will slide in.


Check if the fascias connected to the rafter trails have grooves to provide some space for the soffit to rest upon. Make sure that the fascia board is projecting below the rafters so that in the lower edge of the fascia board is lower than your boxing. Otherwise moisture can enter in the box.

Soffit boards

They can be found in vented or un-vented styles, and also different materials. Cut the boards to the correct size and then secure them with the F channels. Allow a 1/4 inch space for expansion at the end of the adjoin walls.

Fascia cap

Now all you need to do is install a fascia board to support the soffit and stiffen the supporting J channel and to enclose the front of your eaves.

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