Building a dutch gable roof

A gable roof is a structure with a high pitch, angled towards your home. It’s not easy to build but also easy to modify. This is a roof mainly built in areas where rain and snow are common.

It will withstand extreme weather.

?Tools and materials

  • nails
  • standard studs
  • measuring tape
  • carpenter’s plane
  • standard rafters
  • ridge board
  • plywood
  • wood bracers
  • waterproofing materials
  • shingles drafting tools
  • paper
  • pencils


Before you start the construction, you will need to measure your house and calculate the length and width of your roof. The consult the local building codes. In order to get a building permit, you will need to deliver a set of detailed plans.


Their size depends a lot on the size of your home, and also on the angle of the gable roof. Mark the notches meant to fit onto the walls. Uniformity is very important.

Ridge board

The ridge board is installed horizontally on the top of the roof. mark the rafter’s positions on it, and then fix them to the studs using nails.


In order to stay safe, you will need a firm walkway. Use plywood to make one. Fix the sheets to the joists with nails.

Ridge board and rafters

Now, lay the ridge board on top of the walkway. Do the same thing with the rafters. Place them on the top plate. Also place them in the order that they will stand.

Final assembly

Fit the other end of the rafters in place with the notches and then bracing them. Then, raise the ridge board until it’s between the rafters. Affix a stud to the gable at the end which extends downwards to the top plate. Secure them with nails and braces.

Now, affix the rafters to the ridge board by beginning at an end and then go to the center. Raise the rafters and then attach them, going from one end to the other, keeping a balance.

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