Building a porch roof

It is not enough to have a porch on your roof. It has to have a roof in order to protect it and also make it a more pleasant and more usable space. You won’t be bothered by rain no more.

Some of the tools and materials that are required are:

  • Lumber
  • Roofing felt
  • Roofing cement
  • Concrete
  • Nails


First of all you will need to make sure that you can build the roof on your porch. The new roof will ad extra weight to your house and it may be unsafe to build it. Also the new roof needs to be strong and stable. Inspect your house and repair any areas that have been damaged by weather or other elements. This will ensure a stable foundation for the roof. Consider removing the wiring first.

Go to a local contractor or architect to design the new roof. You must make a design that is similar to your house’s roof. The plans also need to be in detail because you will need to provide them to your local authorities to get a special building permit.


Before starting the construction process, make sure that the porch is perfectly level. Otherwise you will have to make it level before you build the new roof. If it’s made from concrete you can add more concrete on certain areas to make it level.


Look on the plans and see where the posts need to be placed. Mark their position and start making the holes. The post need to be placed in the holes and then pour some concrete on them. Fix them temporarily to that they won’t move until the concrete has hardened.

Top plate

The top plate will connect all the support posts. Then you will be able to fix the rafters. Cut the rafters to the right size to make sure that they fit accurate. Without worrying to do anything complicated, connect some brackets for connections. This is an alternative to a birds mouth cut. Everything needs to be leveled.

How to cover the roof?

Use plywood to cover the roof. It needs to be slightly larger then the roof to hang over the edge. Insulation is not needed because it’s an opened space. The place the shingles or the covering materials of your old roof.

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