Cleaning roofs with little money

Roof cleaning is a task that should be done by all home owners, at least once a year. Rain, snow, and wind will put your roof to a real beating and debris and pests can affect its structure.

Mold killing

Why use commercial mold solutions when you can use your own solution.

Mix together 1 part bleach and 3 parts water for a powerful mold killing solution. But be careful as this solution can discolor darker colors. To reduce this risk, you can add another cup of water and rinse the area immediately after applying the solution.

Protecting the plants

Also save money with plant maintenance. If you’re cleaning the roof, you may throw debris on your plants and kill them. Also bleach is very harmful for the plants. You may then need to hire a gardener to replace the plants or buy a lot of new plants. So to avoid this, cover your plants with some heavy-duty covering.

Removing the debris

You can save hundreds of dollars by removing the debris by yourself. You just need a bristle brush, garbage bag and a ladder. You can purchase these items at any hardware store. But keep in mind that cleaning the roof involves a lot of sweeping, kneeling, and also work on a dangerous surface. Take safety precautions before you plunge into action. You should find someone to help you with the job.

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