Corrugated roofing costs

There are many advantages of using corrugated roofing. It’s very attractive and also very durable. It can withstand heavy rain, snow, winds.

It makes no more noise when it rains than other types of materials, and it’s very cost effective. The prices depend on the materials used, because corrugated roofs can be made from metal, plastic, etc.

Number of sheets

To calculate the number of sheets needed, you will need to measure your roof first. The average width of a corrugated metal sheet is of 44 inches. Divide the width by 44 inches. You will need to calculate how many rows will be needed to cover the roof, and also how many sheets can fit in a row. Usually, corrugated metal sheets come in 6 foot lengths.

Ridge caps

Now measure the length of the ridges on top of the roof in feet. Convert the measure in feet and then divide it by 6. This is the length of the ridge caps. This will determine how many you will need.

Additional costs

Underlayment is very important so you will also need to buy felt or tar paper for water sealing. Also you will need lots of galvanized nail, at least 40 on a single sheet. To be more safe, add 10% to the area of your roof. It’s better to have more materials than less materials.

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