Design ideas for gambrel roofs

Gambrel roofs are very similar to an old barn roof, that is why they are also called a barn roof. If you want to install a gambrel roof, then you should be very careful with the process, as you want the job done properly. Otherwise it won’t last a long period.

Like other types of roofs it has its advantages and disadvantages. It has some problems with ventilation and also it gets easily damaged by water.


Because the gambrel roof doesn’t go very high above the brickwork, you can discover that you do not have enough living space in your attic. This is why careful planning is very important. If you do not want any extra living space in your attic, then you can install a low height roof, but you will also have a small space to install the insulation and the ventilation system. Also if it’s too high then you may affect other buildings in your neighborhood.


Like any other construction project, it needs to comply to certain building codes. Otherwise you won’t be able to build it. Go to a local expert and ask him for the latest building codes. Read them carefully. You may also need to make some plans and provide them to your local authorities for special permits.


Because ventilation is a major problem for gambrel roofs, then you will need to carefully plan it. The height is very important, so it’s better that you ask a professional for his opinion. One simple solution would be to install an electric ventilation system that will help you get rid of the unwanted humidity in your roof.

Roof insulation

Many states oblige home owners to install proper foam insulation in attics. This is a good thing as insulation will reduce the heat transfer thus helping you to cut costs with energy.

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