Energy efficient roofing materials

If you have love for the environment, maybe it’s time to think of investing in an energy efficient roofing material. Not only that you will protect the environment, but you will also reduce the costs with energy.

Living” roofs

This is the green roof.

Plants and grass grow in a thin layer of soil on top of your roof. The roof is covered with a membrane that will protect your house from water damage. This type of roof is ideal for cooling your house. You won’t need any air conditioner devices. You can also collect clean rain water from the “living” roof.

Clay and slate roofs

These are also green roofing materials because of their energy-efficient properties. They are perfect for any kind of climate, hot, cold or wet. Clay tiles are better used in hot climates then in cold ones. If they freeze, they can shatter. Slate is a much tougher materials and can be used in any climate region. Both clay tiles and slate roofs can be recycled and reclaimed. They are also biodegradable.

Metal roofing

Steel, copper and aluminum are the three main types of metals used for roofing. They have low heat absorption, making them great for hotter climates. They can be painted to reflect heat rays, keeping your house cooler in the summer. They are great for colder climates too as they get rid of snow falls and rain very well.

Rubber roofing

Rubber roofs or spray roofs as they are also called are one of the best ways to both insulating and waterproofing your house. The materials is very durable and will protect your home from almost anything. It comes in a spray form and the foam results from mixing two chemicals at the spray nozzle. The mixture is elastic, allowing your house to contract and expand.

Thermoplastic Olefin/Polyolefin roofing

TPO roofs are like single-ply membranes. A TPO roof is made from multiple membranes, welded together to appear as one covering. They are made from ethylene propylene rubber. It’s also very flexible and durable. It will resist tear and perforation and also it’s resistant against ozone.

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