Essential roofing tools

If you want to install a roof, then you will need some tools for the job. Some of the most important ones are a slate cutter, hip runners, ridge bucket, slater’s hammer and seaming pliers.

Slate cutter

This is used to cut the shingles and slates.

You can size them and you can also remove old roofing. Heavy duty models can cut through 1/2 inch of shingle.

Hip runners

Adjustable hip runners are used to keep hips straight and in place. You can change their span at any width. It is a very important tool.

Ridge bucket

This is a disposal tool. It allows you to dispose of shingles and other materials from the roof. They have a system that fixes them to the surface of the roof, so they won’t slide off.

Slater’s hammer

This tool has a hammer head, a small ax and a blade, all in one. It is particularly useful at removing shingles.

Seaming pliers

This tool is great at removing difficult shingles that have gripping teeth. They are much better then normal pliers.

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