Flat roof skylight designs

The main challenge when having to deal with flat roofs is choosing the right skylight design. This problem is mainly solved, as more and more companies offer hundreds of designs. Having a roof skylight will increase the value of your home and some even decrease the energy costs.

Combination roof lines

A combination skylight can add a perfect look to a partially flat roof. These skylights can be installed on the flat area, as well as on the pitched area. They are great in sunrooms and entryways.

Pyramid skylights

A pyramid design will help you add some dimension and depth to your roof. They are considerably more difficult to install as they will require a new framing system, but they will look great and the value added will be even greater.

Tinted or stained glass

Tinted and stained glass is also a great way to improve the look of your roof. Glass works especially good with flat roof, free of pitches. You can stain them in every desired color.

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