Flat roof types

There are many types of flat roof, but it really depends on the design you really like. Some types of flat roof are better for certain climates and regions, so take these things in consideration.

Build-up roof

This is the traditional hot tar roof.

It is one of the most popular. It is the cheapest type of flat roofing. The process of installation is simple. You add 3 layers of water proof material and then cover them with a layer of gravel pebbles.

The main problem is that this roof is hard to maintain. It’s almost impossible to find the source of leaks and it’s very heavy. The installation can be done only by professionals.

Ethylene propylene diene monomer

These roofs are made from rubber. The material is very durable and attractive looking. It can be glues, ballasted or fixed with fasteners.

It is very light and durable and it can be easily patched if leaks are discovered. There are some bad parts about this type of roofing. The material can be easily punctured and the black version is not recommended for hot climates. It is also a little more expensive than other types of roofing.

Modified bitumen

This modified bitumen is roll or single ply roofing material integrated with a mineral-based shield. There are two methods you can apply this material on the roof: by heating it and then pressing it to adhere and a newer peel-and-stick type of roll.

The peel-and-stick roll is very easy to apply, while the torch-adhesion version needs professional assistance.

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