Framing a gable roof

Framing a gable roof isn’t that hard, but still requires experience and having the right tools.

Gable roofs are great in climates with heavy rain and snow. It is specially designed to not pool moisture.

Gable roofs can be built on the ground or directly on the house. It will surely add value to your home.

Basic gable roof framing

The frame itself is quite easy to build. You will need to make some measurements. The frames will match the same measurements. After you have connected all the lumber pieces to each other, just attach them with angled metal corner plates and screws. For better stability, you can add more lumber.


To obtain a tight fit between the rafters and the frame, you will need to notch out the rafters. You need to cut a small square out of the rafters in the place where it intersects with the frame. To secure it in place, you can add wood glue and screws.


Gable roof do not actually have usable floors, but you can place some plywood sheets for insulation and also to walk on them. Floor rafters are installed in the same way as wall studs. Cut the lumber at the same size as the width of the frame. Fix them with screws. You can also add metal brackets.

Gable roof pitch

The pitch is maybe the main difference between a gable roof and other types of roofs. If the pitch is too small, it will not be as effective as a steeper one. Also if it’s too steep, the air flow will be hindered greatly. To determine the proper pitch of the roof is to make the angled roof beams the same width as the gable roof.

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