Framing a roof truss

A roof truss is the main structural support of the roof. It is a triangular shaped piece of wood and it bears all the wight of the roof. You can order some custom roof trusses, but you can also make them yourself, saving a lot of money.

Some of the tools and materials that you will need are:

  • lumber
  • gussets
  • galvanized nails and screws
  • measuring tape
  • angle
  • circular saw
  • hammer
  • drill


First of all, measure the pitch of the roof, and also the height and the width. There are usually 4 pieces for each truss: two sides that are joined together at angles, a brace beam – the bottom of the triangle, and a support piece that bisects the triangle from the peak to the support beam.

Cutting the lumber

Not it’s time to cut all the lumber at the appropriate size. The golden rule is to measure twice and cut once. You should try to assemble the parts on the ground and then fit them together.

Attaching gussets

On each side of the support beam at the bottom you will need to attach the gussets. Also attach them to each joint for the support beams. Use nails for securing them. After you have done the job on one side, flip the truss and do the same thing on the other side.

Placing the frame

You will need to place the trusses at intervals of two feet. You will also need help, because the trusses are quite heavy.

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