Heating roof tar

Heating the roofing tar is important as it will assure the necessary durability and quality of the tar. Tar needs to be treated in order to be efficient, and this is the way to do it.

Preparing the area

Now find a safe place in your backyard, because you will need to place the cast iron high heat burner.

This will help you heat the roofing tar. Make sure that there are no kids near by.

Roof preparation

Inspect the roof and determine how much tar you will need to heat. It’s best that you know this before starting the process. You will need to be prepared with the heating as well as with the application process to ensure a quality output.

Heating the tar

You will now need to put enough tar in the heating pots. Adjust the heat so that the tar is heated well. Mix it once a while to avoid any build-ups. It’s best that you heat the tar batch by batch to ensure a quality result. You can now set for the application.

Tar application

Now the application depends on the task. If you are covering the entire roof, then you should mix the tar with the concrete roofing and then applying a level layer of mixture.

If you are repairing the tar roofing, you can apply it only on the affected areas. If the areas are a little larger, then you should mix the tar with some roofing concrete.

After the application, you will need to let the tar settle for at least 48 hours. Quality work will make the tar waterproof and also more durable.

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