Hip roof framing

This is a very common roofing style that provides a number of benefits. The structure spreads the weight of the roof evenly across the area of the house. Extra structural integrity can be achieved by overhanging gables.


One of the nice things about hip roof framing is that, no matter the angle or the side of the house you are looking at, the roof will be identical.


The construction is more complex than traditional gable roofs. The rafters do not run perpendicular to the ridge line, as on hip roofs where the ridge board is supporte4d by joists. The ridge board doesn’t run the full length of the house.


The main benefit is that these roofs are more resistant to hurricanes and tornadoes. They are used along the Gulf Coast. Also, with this type of framing, you add extra protection to windows and doors. The eaves provide more shade from the sun.

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