How much does a tile roof underlayment cost?

Tile roofing is one of the most durable, easy to maintain and upgrade roofing materials on the market. If installed properly it can last for decades.

One important thing that you will need to have in mind before you install the tile roof, is the underlayment.

This protective membrane will help the roof last longer than it normally would.

Felt underlayment

This is the most traditional roof underlayment of them all. Felts are actually sheets of paper that come in rolls. They can come in different colors, and are synthesized with asphalt for more durability. It’s one of the cheapest materials for roof coating, but it ca get easily damaged during the installation.

Synthetic sheet underlayment

Synthetic sheets are much more durable and advanced then felt. They are tear-resistant and also wrinkle-free. The main disadvantage is that they cost much more than the felt.

Water barriers

Water barriers have been primarily designed for traditional roofs. They are best recommended for roof systems that have a wider surface coverage. They do cost more than felt, but less then synthetic sheet underlayment.

Always consider adding more than one layer of underlayment. It will cost you more, but at least will assure a good finish. The number of layers also depends on the area you leave in. In rainy climates, you should use more than one layer.

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