How much doest it cost to add a dormer window?

Dormer windows have become very popular among home designers. They are great for extending the living space in your home, especially if the windows are big enough. But when it comes to installing these windows, home owners don’t get very enthusiastic, because the installation costs can be quite high.

Estimating the prices

Now prices differ from manufacturer to manufacturer but you will still have to spend a lot of money. For example, a dormer window that is measuring 6 by 10 feet will cost you around $1800. An this is only the cost of the materials.

If you want to hire someone for the installation, the costs can reach $3000-4000, and for a larger, room seized dormer window, the costs can reach $10.000 with the materials included. And this is not the highest. If you plan to add an attic with a dormer section, it can cost you up to $50.000.

Home costs

These are the costs estimated for the installation of the dormer window, but you will also have to add the costs for the interior remodeling. Add the costs of paint, drywall, carpets, ceiling, etc.

Additional costs

Think about how the new dormer window will look in relation with your home and with the other windows. If there is an unpleasant difference, you may need to change those windows too.

Always get different pricing quotes from various contractors. You may be lucky and get a nice price.

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