How to add a pitch to a flat roof

You may want to add extra space to your attic, but you do not know how to do it on your flat roof. Well, one solution is to add a pitch to it. This is not a hard job and it can be done if you have a little help and follow some simple steps.

Remember that you will need a special building permit to do the construction.

?Tools and materials:

  • measuring tape
  • sawsall
  • crowbar
  • roof trusses
  • OSB or plywood
  • bridging material
  • tar paper
  • roofing material
  • roofing nails

Roof span

Measure the span from one top plate to the other. You will need to add an overhang that is measured from face board. This will be an indicator of the roof’s ridge.

Material prices

Roof trusses are pre-manufactured and are delivered to the construction site with a pre-estimated pitch. This is a standard roof, but for a custom one, then you should build your own pitch. Make a list of the materials after you have measure the area.

Preparing the materials

Remove the existing roof material and then fix the trusses onto the lumber on the current roof using a sawsall and a crowbar. You should do this in a dry day. You should calculate if the roofing wood can handle the load.

Re-sheath roof

Use plywood or OSB to re-sheath the roof. You can use the old sheathing if it is not rotten or damaged. Use only galvanized nails.

Replacing roof material

You can use as a roofing material tiles, rubber composite, shingles, slates, cedar shakes, etc. Install tar paper under the roof materials for insulation.

Now you will have more space to use in your attic.

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