How to build a retractable deck roof

You can add more enjoyment to your outdoor living space by adding a retractable deck roof. This installation is great for creating shade in a sunny, warm day.You can buy pre-made deck roos or buy your own.

You will need:

  • 8×10 awning materials and fasteners
  • metal tubing and T-bar fasteners
  • table saw with metal cutting blade
  • mounting brackets

Measuring the awning

Choose the place where you want to install the deck and then measure it. Think also about the design and how much it will reach into your garden.

Mounting hardware

On the outer wall of the home, place the mounting brackets. These will help fix the metal beams and top corner of the awning.

Frame arms

If it’s retractable, then it will need some arms that can be slid in or out. These arms and also the frame can be built from metal, slotted tubing. It’s very lightweight, being perfect for the process. Cut them to the correct size and the fasten them using T-bar fasteners.

The front of the frame needs to be retractable and should slowly roll the awning. It can also be self-retractable. Being retractable means that it won’t pool water.

Assembling the materials

Use the awning grommets and fasten the corners to the mounting brackets. The end of the awning needs to be securely fixed.

Attaching the frame

You will need to drill some holes in the bottom of the frame arms. The use some bolts to fasten them to the lower mounting brackets. They will need to move freely up and down. Now attach the awning material to the front of the frame. You can use vinyl ties or plastic-coated wire.


After you have assembled the retractable roof, then you will need to make sure that everything is installed as it should be. Try out the awning and see if it retracts in the self-rolling front. You will need some help for this task.

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