How to calculate a home's roof angle for construction

One of the most complicated parts of a roof construction process is determining the angle of the roof. If you hire a contractor, then you need not worry about, but what if you want to do it by yourself. How to you get the right skills.

Whether it’s a porch, or a roof, car port, shed, barn, they all need a roof. If you make the correct calculations, then you shouldn’t have any problems with repairs and maintenance.


The best suited materials for a steep pitch roof are asphalt shingles, and slate shingles. This is because they can be tightly overlapped to increase water shed. Metal is more suitable for a lower pitch roof.

Weather conditions

An important factor that you will need to consider before calculating the pitch of your roof is the weather in your zone. For a home situated in a colder climate, with heavy rains and snows, you will need a higher pitch, than for a home situated in a warmer climate.

Home size

Also the size of your house will influence the pitch, but most of all the costs. For example, if you have a larger home and you want to build a gable roof, then you should consider the higher costs of the construction.

How to determine the angle?

  • Get a ladder and position it so you can access the roof level.
  • Bring some tape measure and a level
  • You will need to mark off 1-foot intervals on the level.
  • Place the end of the level on the roof and then hold it horizontally so that the indicator is in the middle. Keep the tape measure perpendicular to the level, and at the first foot mark, measure the roof.

For example, if the rise is of 6 inches, with a 12 inches run, then it’s a 6:12 pitch.

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