How to install corrugated metal roofing

Proper installation of corrugated metal roofing is critical to ensure the best visual appearance and also to prevent damage to your house. The corrugated metal roofing is quite easy to install, and it doesn’t require the services of professionals.

  • Measurements.
    Measure the area of the entire roof and then calculate how may sheets of metal you will need. Also have in mind that the sheets need to overlap, so extract at least 1 inch for the overlapping.
  • Installation. You can apply the metal sheets directly on the plywood sheathing which covers the roof.
  • Overlapping. You should start working from the eaves and work horizontally and upwards. Overlap the sheets by about 1 inch.
  • Fixing. For nailing the metal sheets, use 3 inch galvanized nails. You should use 20-30 nails per sheet.
  • Ridge caps. To prevent penetration by the elements, install ridge caps along the side edges, ridges and eaves.
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