How to repair an asphalt roof

Repairing an asphalt roof is an easy job and anyone can do it. Asphalt roofs are maybe the most common roofs, so sooner or later you may need to make some repairs to it. You can always pay someone to do the work for you, but why spend money when you can do it yourself.

Perfect weather for repairs

Always repair your asphalt roof when the weather outside is warm and sunny. This is because asphalt can crack if the weather is too cold. Also if it’s warmer outside the asphalt will be more malleable and easier to work with and you will do the repairs faster.

Tools that you will need

For the process to run smoothly, you will need to have all the tools and materials at hand. Buy nails, roofing cement, hammers, putty knives, a pry bar and a flat shovel available. You will also need some gloves to protect your from cuts and abrasions. Also make sure that the ladders that you use are in good shape.

Curled shingles

You should know that if the shingles are just a little curled in the corners, you do not need to replace them. Use some roofing cement to glue them down and you can use some nails.


Be careful to cover the nail head with roofing cement, if you are using nails to attach new shingles. This will help you prevent any leaks. If possible, use the old nail holes from the previous shingles. If it’s not possible than cover the old holes with some roofing cement.

Replacing damaged shingles

If you need to replace some shingles then you will need to remove the line of shingles above the one that you want to replace. This way you will have proper access to the damaged shingles and you can replace them more easily.

Replacing shingles or repairing them

You should inspect the shingles and see if they can be repaired. It’s harder to replace them and if you can repair them, then you should. Contact a professional and ask his opinion.

Also if you need to repair more than half of the roof, then you should install a new roof. It is more expensive, but in time the new shingles will last longer.

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