How to repair roof pipe flashing

Small holes and corrosion can be fixed from pipe flashing. With just a few materials you can do the job by yourself.

Plugging holes and securing a pipe flashing

You can fix loose pipe flashing with some nails.

Nail heads can be covered using some roofing cement. You can also use roofing cement for pinholes in the pipe flashing. Larger holes need to be covered with panels from the same material as the flashing.

Flashing seals

To renew the old seal, chip the old caulking found on the flashing edges. You can then use a special masonry caulk to replace the seal. You can also use silicone caulking for sealing step flashing.

Repairing valley type flashing

To repair a valley type flashing, you will need to lift the edges of the shingles and then apply a coating of roofing cement. This should be applied 6 inches from the shingle edges. Seal the shingles underneath if you are working on drip edgings. Do not do this on the drip edge along the eaves.

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