Installation tips for asphalt rolled roofing

Installing rolled asphalt roofing was a hard task in the past, because of the danger of accidents. Nowadays the process has become a lot easier as the roofing now has adhesive back that allows it to adhere quicker to the wood and it does not require any more nailing or stapling.

Roof work

If you decide working on the roof by yourself, then you should take some safety precautions.

You will need to wear special clothing and protect yourself with special safety harnesses. You should ask someone to work with you.

Hoist the materials on the roof

Carefully hoist the rolls on the roof. Then cut them in manageable pieces. Rolled asphalt roofing is made for low slopped roofs. The material provides waterproof barriers, keeping humidity out of your attic.

Removing debris from the roof

Before you start the installation process of the new roof, make sure that you have removed all the debris from the old roof. Remove all the staples and nails from the wood, or hammer them as deep as you can so they won’t damage the asphalt roofing.

Primer and drip edge

Before installing the asphalt rolls, apply a layer of primer on the roof. This will help it stick to the wood better. After you apply it, let it sit for half an hour and then start installing the rolls. Always read the instructions from the primer.

After this, apply the drip edge and then apply the strips of asphalt. Start from the lowest point and go up to the top. Make sure that you apply the asphalt rolls properly.

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