Installing a copper roof

Cooper roofing is a time consuming process, taking almost double the time needed to install an asphalt roof, and this is for professionals. But this effort is all worth it. A well installed copper roof has a lifetime of 75 years.

Here are the materials needed for the project:

  • Plywood decking
  • Brass or copper nails
  • Roofing Hammer
  • 16 oz. Copper roofing sheets
  • Slip sheet membrane
  • Crimping Tools
  • Metal cutting shears


After removing the shingles from the old roof, make sure that the decking is still in good shape. You do not want to have problems with the plywood deck. If problems appear, you will need to remove the copper shingles and then replace the decking. This is a hard job that needs to be avoided. If parts of the decking are damaged, replace as much as needed.

Weather protection

After the decking has been repaired, use some roofing paper to protect your roof from the bad weather. This is a waterproof barrier between the shingles and the plywood.

Slip sheet membrane

The slip sheet membrane help protect the roof even better from the weather. It’s like a second protection. It also collects the condensation developed on the backside of the copper and it provides a barrier between the asphalt paper and the copper shingles. This is important as the condensation from the back of the copper shingles can have a chemical reaction with the asphalt paper. This reaction will corrode the roof.

Copper sheeting

The copper sheets have an interlocking mechanism. Lock two pieces and then fix them in place with nails. Then continue connecting the other pieces. Further the installation process you will need to crimp the seams together. This will require a double crimping process. The first one attaches the two pieces together, while the second one folds them over the seam a second time.


You will need to let the copper pieces hang at least 2 inches over the roof edge.Then bend the copper around the lip of the roof. Get rid of the sharp edges.

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