Installing corrugated plastic roofing

One of the most durable and low maintenance alternatives for metal roofing is corrugated plastic roofing. These plastic sheets are much lighter than corrugated metal roofs and they are also easier to handle and work with. This will help you save money with the installation.

Follow the next instructions if you want to do the job correctly. You will need a few tools and materials:

  • Plastic roofing
  • Roofing fasteners
  • Silicone sealant
  • Round molding strips
  • Corrugated molding strips
  • Nail Gun with galvanized nails
  • Saw
  • Drill
  • Ladder
  • Flashing (optional)

Roof preparation

To permit water drain, the roof pitch should be at least 1 inch per foot. Otherwise you may need to use some additional weatherproofing measures. You should use molding strips on top of the rafters. Use these strips on the vertical rafters and the corrugated ones on the horizontal cross-braces. Use galvanized nails to attach them and prevent rust. Use nail gun to quicken the process.


It is very easy to cut the corrugated plastic sheets to size. You can use a garden shears or scissors to cut the sheets. For some types you will need to use a fine-toothed saw.


To make the process faster and easier, you should drill the holes for the fasteners in advance. Have the fasteners at the high point of every fourth corrugation. The holes need to be 8-10 millimeters in diameter. They need to be 2 millimeters wider than the fasteners to allow them to expand when the roof is exposed to heat.


Use professional roofing fasteners, rather than standard roofing screws. The corrugated sheets will need to be perfectly fixed to be waterproof and prevent leaks. Use silicone sealant along their vertical length and overlap them. Use a lot of sealant to prevent leaving gaps.

Finishing the installation

You can use flashings to improve the seal, and also add an attractive finish and additional weather protection. You may also want to invest in guttering that can be installed after the plastic roof is installed.

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