Installing roofing paper

If you want a water proof roofing system, then you will want to install roofing paper or felt. It will also act as roof insulation and water protection. If you have some basic skills, then you will be able to easily install the roofing paper.

About roofing paper

Roofing paper is usually made from asphalt rolls. The felt will provide protection against bad weather for the roofing materials. The rolls usually come with a standard 36 inches width. You will need to install the drip edges and valley liners before laying the roof paper.

You will need an utility knife and a hammer with some roofing nails for the job.


First of all you will need to clean the decking and also make sure that there are no debris left and that the roof is as dry as possible. Make sure that there are no nails from the shingles left. Remove if any. Also examine the entire decking for damage. Sand the areas that are not level.


After you have finished preparing the area, you can start rolling the roof paper from the bottom to the peak of the roof. Allow a 1/2 inch overhang of paper down each side of the roof. This will ensure that the water will not enter underneath the paper getting trapped on top of the wood roof planks.

Also roll the paper over the peak. Secure the edges with some plastic capped roofing nails. You can put them at 12 inch intervals.

If you have finished one roll, the other one needs to overlap the previous one by at least 2 inches. Nail the overlap at intervals of 12 inches.

If there are any excess parts, use an utility knife to trim the paper in size.

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