Installing steel roof vents

Roof vents are really important for your home. They reduce the air temperature in the summer and reduce the humidity level of the cold air in the winter. They allow a better insulation and heat exchange.

The tools and materials that you will need are:

  • steel roof vents
  • chalk line
  • circular saw
  • goggles
  • ear plugs
  • jig saw
  • caulking
  • weather striping
  • screws

Choosing the spot

You will need to select the best available spot for the vents. You will need one for every 90 square yards of attic area. After you have chosen the spot, make sure that there aren’t any wires or other objects in the way. Now remove the shingles carefully, without breaking them. Wear gloves to protect your hands.


Before you make a hole for the vent, measure it. Use a circular saw to cut the hole. The use a large chisel to knock out the wood that is left behind from the saw. Remove any nails.

Installing the vents

After you have set the vent in the hole, use some silicone to the side. The silicone will seal it against water and it will also fix it to the bottom of the flashing. You can also secure it with screws for better fixation.

You can also use caulking around the hole and also around the flashing. If the vent is wind powered then secure the top of the fan and adjust the ventilator cylinder to the angle of the roof.

Replacing the shingles

You can use the shingles that you have removed previously. You will need to secure them with 1 1/2 inches roofing nails. If you see any cracks, holes of gaps around the vents or shingles, use silicone to seal them.

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