Leaky tin roofs

Tin roofs are very durable and long lasting. Usually, tin roofs are used for patios and tool sheds. But even though they are great, they also are subjected to wear and tear.
And this is not a pleasant thought. Leaks can occur and water damage is very unpleasant.


Before you star the repairing process, you will need to do some cleaning. Remove any dirt, debris, leaves, twigs, moss, or loose roof cement. You can use a broom.


Now it’s time for the roof inspection. You can just get up on a ladder and see if there are any visible leaks. Be careful when you get on top of the roof. If the roof is damaged, then its structure may be also damaged and you can step on loose parts and hurt yourself.

Repairing the leaks

After locating the leaks, cover them with the roof flashing. Cut the flashing at the right size. Use gloves as the edges may be sharp. Cut the flashing a little larger then the affected area. This is only a temporary fix.

Nailing the flashings

Now you will have to fix the flashings. Ensure that the flashing is covering the leak properly. Use some nails to fix it to the roof. You can seal the nails with some caulking.

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