Metal roofing insulation options

Insulation is more and more important nowadays. Not only that it helps keep a nice temperature in your home, but it also helps you save some money on energy. There are many insulation options for metal roofing, and here are the best of them.


Roof insulation is measured in R-values. This represents the thermal resistance, meaning the resistance to temperature exchange. The biggest the value, the better the insulation.

Heat loss or gain

There are three ways a building can gain or lose heat, and these are: conductive, convective and radiant. Conductive heat is not as important as the other two. Metal is the most conductive roofing material, and the most used.

Convective heat loss or gain is the process through which the heat is passed with the help of air. Thermal roofing insulation is made to mitigate convective heat loss or gain. These are vulnerable to losing their effectiveness because they also absorb humidity.

Radiant heat loss or gain is a significant contributor to the heat loss or gain. In the winter, more than 50% of the heat is lost through the roof, in the form of radiant heat, and also in the summer, more than 90% of the heat is gained from the outside of the house. It’s important that you choose a radiant barrier insulation to reduce the energy costs. The best insulation will also have convective barriers.


  • fiberglass batt insulation is the least expensive insulation material of them all. It is also quite efficient.
  • rigid board insulation is more expensive but it’s easy to work with and has a high R-value.
  • bubble insulation is not as good as others and should be avoided.
  • radiant heat barriers is a good insulation option and it can be used with thermal insulation or independently.
  • spray foam is easy to apply and it can be fire resistant.
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