Mistakes to avoid on clay tile roofing

There are some common mistakes that need to be avoided when installing a clay tile roof. For this job you will need some experience, and it’s better to let the professionals handle the job if you think that you can’t do it. But also experts make mistakes, so read the following tips to avoid them.

Clay tiles are a great materials for roofing. They are fire-resistant, environmental-friendly and also very durable.

Tile grades

These grades refer to the ability to resists freezing. This is especially important in colder climates. All tiles absorb water, and if they freeze they can crack and get damaged. That is why it’s important to select the right grading system. Grade 1 offers the most resistance to frost, while grade 3 the least.


Clay tiles are quite heavy, heavier than most roofing materials. It’s important that you ask the contractor to first inspect your roof structure, to make sure that it can withstand the weight. If the structure is lightweight, then you should consider reinforcing it to prevent any damage to your house.

Types of tiles

Of course that clay tiles come in many shapes, sizes and colors. They can be pan and cover, S-tiles, flat and interlocking. The areas are usually measured in “squares” – 100 square feet. You should also know that it’s more expensive to use smaller tiles than larger tiles, to cover the same area.


If you are going to do the installation by yourself, try to avoid stepping on the newly installed tiles. They can easily be damaged. Begin installing the tiles from the eave near the corner and then work horizontally and upward.

Repairing cracked tiles

Clay tiles will need high-maintenance. You should inspect them regularly to see if they are cracked, damaged or missing. Water can also cause them to rot, if it gets to the wood sheathing.

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