Mistakes to avoid on flat roof ventilation

Flat roof are usually installed in regions where the waterfall is low and on tall building. But still, water can be a problem to this type of roof. Flat roof do not let the air escape so it will need a special ventilation system.

Here are a few mistakes that should be avoided when installing a flat roof vent.

Using the right vent

There are specially designed ventilation systems for flat roof. There are only three types of vents that can be installed on a flat roof.

  • mushroom vent. This is the best alternative. One thing to have in mind is to avoid placing it where you have to cut a joist.
  • turbine vents. These vents need to be installed during the roof construction, otherwise the costs will be much higher. The shingles will need to be cut and sealed to avoid roof leaks.
  • gable vents. For maximum efficiency, place the gable as high as possible.
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